Quality Commitment

Commissioning is the solution to quality assurance.

NEBB Standards

A building owner is entitled to a professional performance by every NEBB Certified firm on every project, whether the job is NEBB specified or not. It is the responsibility of the NEBB Certified Firm and the qualified Commissioning Administrator to establish and maintain procedures and practices that will assure a consistent pattern of high quality work on all projects.

The work must be performed as specified and include data and information called for in the Commissioning plan developed by the NEBB Systems Commissioning Administrator and approved by the project building systems' designers.

Our Approach to Commissioning

Commissioning Resources, Inc. will follow the NEBB Commissioning process. Our team has worked on a wide range of DDC HVAC Controlled Systems, as well as Air and Hydronic Systems. We work closely with mechanical design engineers, project managers and building owners insuring a successful project. We have the knowledge of control strategies, operation, maintenance and the installation of the HVAC systems. We are a field intensive company; our engineers and technicians have practical field experience, and are proficient in communication and documentation skills. Our approach is to review the project design objectives for the building systems to be commissioned, maintained and operated by using our NEBB guidelines and training. We provide a single point of contact for the owner to deal with these complex systems. Beginning with the design phase to building training and turnover, all work performed is per the National Environment Balancing Bureau Standard. (To visit the NEBB website -www.NEBB.org)

Team Organization: Team project manager will be responsible for coordinating commissioning responsibilities with General Contractor, and owner's representative. Team project manager will be a single point of contact, avoiding miscommunication, allowing proper flow of information.

Proposed Scheduling: Project scheduling will be set up and conform to owner's representative deadlines. A project schedule can be set up with the General Contractor before the commissioning team kick-off meeting. This will allow all sub-contractors, commissioning authority and owners representative to see what time line goals need to be met as well as individual trade responsibilities.

Integrating Approach: In order to minimize potential time delays related to the design and construction process, a structured pre-construction design phase commissioning plan will be implemented. During the pre-construction, design phase commissioning, system and component evaluations will take place. The commissioning authority will evaluate each system and component for its commission ability, operability, maintainability and compliance to standard industry quality practices. This plan of action will allow for potential time-consuming problems to be addressed before the start of construction.

Team work and cooperation: Prior to the start of construction, a commissioning kick-off meeting will take place. The general contractor and associated project team subcontractors will attend along with the owner's representative and commissioning authority project manager. The commissioning kick-off meeting will outline what the commissioning authority responsibilities will be. As well as all of the participating subcontractor team members. This process will allow team members to have questions answered before commissioning work starts, therefore, facilitating an organized plan, minimizing adverse relationships.

Appropriate level of Commissioning: The main goal of commissioning systems is to prove the functionality and performance of the systems, as well as meeting the owner's needs. In order to prove functionality of systems, an outlined systematic process will be implemented (commissioning plan); different systems require various levels of commissioning to prove system performance and functionality. Therefore, after the design review process is completed, the commissioning plan will be set up, at this time, it will be determined what level of commissioning for the different systems will be implemented.


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