• Team Organization

    A single point of contact, avoiding miscommunication, allowing proper flow of information betweeen our commissioning team, general contractors and owner’s representatives.

  • Project Scheduling

    A project schedule can be set up with the General Contractor before the commissioning team kick-off meeting to allow sub-contractors, commissioning authority and owner’s reps to see time line goals and individual trade responsibilities.


Phillips Academy – Snyder Athletic Center

Currently commissioning the new Field House

Project Team
Phillips Academy capital projects
Perkins + Will -Architect
RFS Engineering - MEP
Erland Construction - CM

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard B86

Commissioned Shipyard Command Center
Naval-station HVAC Review+

Newport Naval Base – Building 1288

Commissioned Bldg containing Admiralty Law classrooms, Mock Court rooms and Offices for CCI Solutions

Commissioning Resources, Inc.

cx-resourcesCommissioning Resources, Inc. brings together a group of engineers committed to the goal of greater building efficiency through proactive building systems commissioning.

Combining years of mechanical design experience with an emphasis on energy efficient operation for new and existing buildings, Cx-Resources is focused on refining methods to ensure the design, construction and operational success of our client’s buildings.

Today’s HVAC systems must meet comfort expectations, be energy efficient and meet Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) standards, all within today’s rigid budgets. Construction involves many specific trade that work in parallel with one another. Unfortunately, poor communication and coordination during construction can produce systems that will not perform correctly.

Commissioning Resources, Inc. is the company that can validate and optimize your HVAC, Plumbing and Mechanical Systems to insure proper holistic system control and energy use.