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Commitment to Quality

Commissioning is the solution to quality assurance.

NEBB Standards

A building owner is entitled to a professional performance by every NEBB Certified firm on every project, whether the job is NEBB specified or not. It is the responsibility of the NEBB Certified Firm and the qualified Commissioning Administrator to establish and maintain procedures and practices that will assure a consistent pattern of high quality work on all projects.

To visit the NEBB website – http://www.nebb.org/certified/requirements

The work must be performed as specified and include data and information called for in the Commissioning plan developed by the NEBB Systems Commissioning Administrator and approved by the project building systems’ designers. Our Parent Company, American Test and Balance, Inc., is certified for Building Systems Commissioning and also for Testing, Adjusting and Balancing procedures.

Our Team


Brian Donovan – President
Brad Crosby – VP/Project Manager
Alan Norris – Supervisor
Mike Lotti -Engineering Technician
Sean Locke-Engineering Technician