Our Team


Brian Donovan – President
Brad Crosby – VP/Project Manager
Alan Norris – Supervisor
Mike Lotti -Engineering Technician
Sean Locke-Engineering Technician

Brian Donovan



Associates degree in Applied Sciences for HVAC Design from Blue Hills Technical Institute.


  1. LEED Accredited Professional
  2. NEBB – Air and Hydronics Supervisor
  3. NEBB – Building Systems Commissioning for HVAC & Plumbing Systems
  4. NEBB – Retro Commissioning Administrator
  5. HVAC Systems and Laboratory design
  6. Eagleston Institute – Advanced training – Fume Hoods and Bio Safety Cabinets
  7. Eagleston Institute – HVAC Systems and Laboratory Design
  8. Eagleston Institute – ASHREA 110 Certification (Fume Hoods).

Work History

37 Years of HVAC experience relating to the installation of mechanical systems, as well as performing TAB work on a diverse scope of HVAC applications. American Test and Balance, Inc. was formed in 1990 as a one-man team by Brian Donovan and built up to a team of six Engineering Technicians as well as a full time office manager and data entry personnel. In 1998, American Test and Balance, Inc. became certified with The National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB).

Brian Donovan is certified by NEBB as a TAB Supervisor, reviewing and stamping final reports. In 2005, Brian Donovan became certified by NEBB as an HVAC and Plumbing Building Systems Commissioning Authority, presently building a diversified team to commission HVAC and plumbing systems, with the full time support of American Test and Balance, Inc. (parent company). Other responsibilities include estimating TAB and Commissioning projects, as well as overseeing the day-to-day operations of American Test and Balance, Inc. and Commissioning Resources, Inc.

Brad Crosby

Vp Commissioning Division - Project Manager

Education and Certifications

  • LEED Accredited Professional
  • B.S. Engineering (Mass. Maritime Academy)
  • NEBB Building Commissioning
  • NEBB Retro Commissioning
  • Eagleson Institute Safety Cabinet technology
  • 3rd Assistant Marine Engineer
  • Massachusetts Fire Fighting Academy

Work experience

30 years of HVAC systems related experience and 5 years of Marine construction and operation. Experience includes Electrical Planning, Facility Maintenance Engineer and Test and Balance supervisor as well as shipboard engineering operator. This wide range of experience encompasses surveys of buildings and shipboard systems. This includes control strategies and the operation of building automation systems. These duties also include plan review, site inspection and maintaining records. Previous experience as an owners’ representative included overseeing the purchase and re-outfitting of a supply vessel. This experience involved planning aspects and supervision of work crews, as well as coordination of work with engineering.

Current position as Project Manager includes preparation of the commissioning scope and test reports, estimation of projects and overall management and coordination of the commissioning process.
Commissioning Resources, Inc.

Commissioning Resources Team-Member Profile

Alan Norris



B.S Facility Engineering (Mass. Maritime Academy)


Eagleson Institute –

  1. HVAC Systems and Laboratory design
  2. ASHREA 110 certification (Fume Hoods)
  3. Clean Room certification
  4. Advanced Training in Bio-safety Cabinets

NIULPE (National Institute for the Uniform Licensing of Power Engineers)

  • 3rd Class Engineer License, 2nd Class Fireman License
  • Massachusetts Fire Fighting Academy

School Experience

Boston Edison Company, Mystic Station – Plant operator co-op
Wilkinson Company – co-op boiler repair commercial boiler service

Work Experience

27 years balancing and HVAC survey work, as well as, a wide range of experience in the test and balance field, this includes commercial buildings from schools, hospitals, power plants to clean room facilities in the biotechnology field. Some of these duties include creating as built drawings during mechanical surveys and to provide engineering solutions for a building’s ventilation needs. Current position includes developing and planning fieldwork and supervising field technicians. Duties also include estimating and scheduling field technicians.

Commissioning Resources Team-Member Profile

Mike Lotti

Engineering Technician

13 Years of proficient testing of air and hydronic systems.

Commissioning Resources Team-Member Profile

Sean Locke

Testing Technician – Bachelor of Science in Facilities Engineering MMA